Chipotle Mexican Grill

There are a few restaurants where it is a toss up for who loves it more, Amelia or her dad.  Chipotle is on that short list.  Sure, there are lots of places to get burritos and tacos, but Chipotle Mexican Grill is the only one that is a solid half hour away from home, and when Amelia makes a request for a taco kit, we find ourselves trekking down the road.  Fresh, organic ingredients,  simple yet personalized options, and just plain delicious.


Movie Review: Paddington (2014)

The Paddington countdown started when Amelia was with her grandparents, and she called us (at work!) to tell us that the film would be in theaters on January 19.  We saw the movie this weekend, along with a virtually sold out theater of families.  One of my favorite things about seeing a children’s movie is the sound of laughing kids–Paddington did not disappoint in providing this chorus of glee!  Fans of all ages will fall in love with this new take on the classic character.  If you remember this loveable character from story time in your past, you won’t be disappointed with his sweet, adorable personality.

Dave and Busters: Play and Eat

We have an annual custom of going to Dave and Busters for bowling and gift exchange with good friends of ours.  Custom may be too strong of a word, but we have done it two years in a row, so I’m declaring it a tradition.  It’s not a sit-by-the-fireplace and drink hot chocolate with Christmas carols playing sweetly in the background type of get together.  The experience is much more dynamic and the kids love it!  Bowling, games, dinner, games, prizes. And, remember, we also do a gift exchange.  What’s not to love for a couple of kids?! Amelia is already looking forward to this on-going tradition next winter break!