Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, Castle of Arendelle

The scene:  Outlet Mall Disney Store.  The characters:  Gramma and Amelia.  Basic Plot:  Amelia brings Gramma to the castle on 3 separate occasions within the span of 15 minutes saying, “Gramma, I want this.” (or the variation, “Gramma, I really want this”).  Conclusion:  Gramma shows up on Christmas morning with the castle.

But, as Amelia says in her vlog, she loves the castle and it is a “must do” for every house.  It really is nice with great details and accessories!


K’Nex Mighty Makers


Long time, no see.  It’s been so long, that Amelia now has all of her front teeth growing in.  She was always a fan of her Duplo blocks, moved on to Legos (Princess style), enjoyed her Goldieblox, and now K’Nex Mighty Makers.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Amelia loves Build-A-Bear Workshop, and truthfully, we’re in deep with a few of the collections.  It started with the My Little Pony, Pinkie Pie.  It became a necessity to then get Rainbow Dash.  But then, how could we be so cruel to deny her the entire collection, so next came Twilight Sparkle.  Around this same time, she became obsessed with the Disney Princess Palace pets.  And, BAM!  They showed up at Build-A-Bear too!  So, Pumpkin, Beauty, and Berry were added to the wish list.  A trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop has turned into a treat for Amelia.  After her birthday dinner, we stopped in for a rainbow panda.  A special day with Grandma ended with the new Elsa bear.  We’re running out of space in her room, but she does treasure, cuddle and play with the stuffies, and I’m sure they will remain a fixture in this house!

VTech’s Kidizoom Smartwatch: A Big Hit this Christmas

The big gift from the grandparents this year was VTech’s Kidizoom Smartwatch, in pink of course!  After the first commercial Amelia saw for this product, she knew she wanted it, and (you may have a similar situation in your family?) what Amelia wants, grandma and papa buy.  We are impressed with this toy.  Once it was charged, Amelia was able to figure it out immediately.  There are plenty of unflattering photos that were taken while the family was not at their best, and Amelia even managed to video the terrified screams of the family when a toy helicopter flight went horribly awry.  To say the least, she is having a blast with the Smartwatch!  The watch comes pre-loaded with a handful of games, fun backgrounds for each season in the watch setting, a timer, and more.  More games can be downloaded from VTech’s Learning Lodge, but Amelia has been kept plenty busy with the options pre-loaded, and we haven’t visited the site yet.  This toy is full of enough features to keep Amelia playing for a long time to come.