Build-A-Bear Workshop

Amelia loves Build-A-Bear Workshop, and truthfully, we’re in deep with a few of the collections.  It started with the My Little Pony, Pinkie Pie.  It became a necessity to then get Rainbow Dash.  But then, how could we be so cruel to deny her the entire collection, so next came Twilight Sparkle.  Around this same time, she became obsessed with the Disney Princess Palace pets.  And, BAM!  They showed up at Build-A-Bear too!  So, Pumpkin, Beauty, and Berry were added to the wish list.  A trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop has turned into a treat for Amelia.  After her birthday dinner, we stopped in for a rainbow panda.  A special day with Grandma ended with the new Elsa bear.  We’re running out of space in her room, but she does treasure, cuddle and play with the stuffies, and I’m sure they will remain a fixture in this house!


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