Spanish Lessons

Amelia is pretty good at everything she tries.  At least as good as any competent six year old at any rate.  However, she has met her match:  Spanish.  She is taking an Elementary Spanish class online this summer.  The class started on Tuesday, so it has been three days of “Hola” and “Come Esta?” around the house.  She’s missing two front teeth, making her pronunciation all the more adorable.  The class is great and breaks everything down, mixing in some background on Spanish culture and history.  There are points in the lesson where she gets to record herself speaking, so she has a great time with that!  I took German, so Spanish is new to me as well–Hasta Luego!

And in case you’re wondering:  Yes, that is a dress with cats all colors of the rainbow she’s wearing in the video. 🙂  How do you say “rainbow cat” in Spanish?