Disney on Ice, Frozen

We always look for a good opportunity for princess dress-up over here, so Disney on Ice was a welcome excursion.  Amelia had floor seats and was excited as the skaters waved and smiled at her as they entered the rink.  As she gets older, Disney on Ice transitions from being a an chance to see characters for Amelia to an chance to see talented skaters.  I’m sure that she imagined herself as Snow White, landing a perfect double!

And for an extra treat in this post, Amelia 3 years ago, also dressed as Rapunzel, recording a post for The Dis Kids blog.



The Comedy of Errors

When I think “Shakespeare” I don’t necessarily think “time to bring the kids to the theatre”.  But, after seeing the Curtain Up Productions interpretation of one of Shakespeare’s first (and shortest), I could be convinced otherwise.  Full disclosure, we have a VIP in our house that plays Antipholus of Syracuse, but the acting, slapstick, and entertainment in this production would have Amelia coming back even without that!

Unicorn Ice Cream

Amelia’s newest hobby is cooking.  I’m thankful that her talents have progressed beyond opening 3 packages of yogurt and calling it a smoothy.  And, the peanut butter and cereal in my coffee phase is also thankfully over.  Unicorn Ice Cream is a simple recipe of 3 cups heavy cream (whipped), 2 teaspoons of vanilla, one small can of sweetened condensed milk, food coloring, and sprinkles.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, Castle of Arendelle

The scene:  Outlet Mall Disney Store.  The characters:  Gramma and Amelia.  Basic Plot:  Amelia brings Gramma to the castle on 3 separate occasions within the span of 15 minutes saying, “Gramma, I want this.” (or the variation, “Gramma, I really want this”).  Conclusion:  Gramma shows up on Christmas morning with the castle.

But, as Amelia says in her vlog, she loves the castle and it is a “must do” for every house.  It really is nice with great details and accessories!

K’Nex Mighty Makers


Long time, no see.  It’s been so long, that Amelia now has all of her front teeth growing in.  She was always a fan of her Duplo blocks, moved on to Legos (Princess style), enjoyed her Goldieblox, and now K’Nex Mighty Makers.


Amelia’s BFF was getting Osmo for Christmas, and after hearing about it, Amelia added it to her own list, which was already quite extensive (I’m sure you will be hearing her discuss Star Lily Unicorn in a future post).  After researching the accessory, it looked like a great learning tool for her, so it became the “prize” for finding the pickle in the Christmas tree on New Year’s Day.  Excuses, excuses, for just giving her an additional gift!  We’ve never felt so good about allowing her multiple hours of screen-time in a row!



American Girl Bistro

As part of an elaborate birthday plan for my mom, my sister and I had been planning a girls’ trip to Chicago to visit the American Girl Store.  While researching, we discovered that a new store had opened in Orlando, where we happened to already have a trip planned.  So, we need to think of a new birthday present for my mom.  But, the trip to the store in Orlando definitely was an experience (go with a strict budget!  Once you are confronted with a doll school-desk with supplies for $98, it might all of a sudden seem like a necessity!), and our meal at the Bistro, a delight.  The food was reasonable and delicious, and Amelia loved that her Mia doll had her own seat at the table as well as her own cup and saucer.