K’Nex Mighty Makers


Long time, no see.  It’s been so long, that Amelia now has all of her front teeth growing in.  She was always a fan of her Duplo blocks, moved on to Legos (Princess style), enjoyed her Goldieblox, and now K’Nex Mighty Makers.


Amelia’s BFF was getting Osmo for Christmas, and after hearing about it, Amelia added it to her own list, which was already quite extensive (I’m sure you will be hearing her discuss Star Lily Unicorn in a future post).  After researching the accessory, it looked like a great learning tool for her, so it became the “prize” for finding the pickle in the Christmas tree on New Year’s Day.  Excuses, excuses, for just giving her an additional gift!  We’ve never felt so good about allowing her multiple hours of screen-time in a row!



American Girl Bistro

As part of an elaborate birthday plan for my mom, my sister and I had been planning a girls’ trip to Chicago to visit the American Girl Store.  While researching, we discovered that a new store had opened in Orlando, where we happened to already have a trip planned.  So, we need to think of a new birthday present for my mom.  But, the trip to the store in Orlando definitely was an experience (go with a strict budget!  Once you are confronted with a doll school-desk with supplies for $98, it might all of a sudden seem like a necessity!), and our meal at the Bistro, a delight.  The food was reasonable and delicious, and Amelia loved that her Mia doll had her own seat at the table as well as her own cup and saucer.

Teen Beach Movie 2 Party at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Two years ago, Disney Channel Original movie, Teen Beach Movie, became one of Amelia’s favorite movies, compounded by the fact that when she visited Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, there was a beach party inspired by the movie.  Fast forward two years, and we now have Teen Beach Movie 2, and again, an upbeat party at Typhoon Lagoon.  Amelia’s summer dreams have come true!  Cast members with true Disney energy, games, beach music, prizes and lots of fun!

Spanish Lessons

Amelia is pretty good at everything she tries.  At least as good as any competent six year old at any rate.  However, she has met her match:  Spanish.  She is taking an Elementary Spanish class online this summer.  The class started on Tuesday, so it has been three days of “Hola” and “Come Esta?” around the house.  She’s missing two front teeth, making her pronunciation all the more adorable.  The class is great and breaks everything down, mixing in some background on Spanish culture and history.  There are points in the lesson where she gets to record herself speaking, so she has a great time with that!  I took German, so Spanish is new to me as well–Hasta Luego!

And in case you’re wondering:  Yes, that is a dress with cats all colors of the rainbow she’s wearing in the video. 🙂  How do you say “rainbow cat” in Spanish?

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Amelia loves Build-A-Bear Workshop, and truthfully, we’re in deep with a few of the collections.  It started with the My Little Pony, Pinkie Pie.  It became a necessity to then get Rainbow Dash.  But then, how could we be so cruel to deny her the entire collection, so next came Twilight Sparkle.  Around this same time, she became obsessed with the Disney Princess Palace pets.  And, BAM!  They showed up at Build-A-Bear too!  So, Pumpkin, Beauty, and Berry were added to the wish list.  A trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop has turned into a treat for Amelia.  After her birthday dinner, we stopped in for a rainbow panda.  A special day with Grandma ended with the new Elsa bear.  We’re running out of space in her room, but she does treasure, cuddle and play with the stuffies, and I’m sure they will remain a fixture in this house!


Amelia loves Chili’s.  I’m not sure if that love started because she enjoys the food (chips and salsa for an appetizer and children’s grilled chicken platter with corn for an entree), or because it is one of our go-to spots when we meet friends with a daughter two years older than Amelia.  Either way, she now has many positive associations with the restaurant, made all the more positive with the addition of the Ziosk, a table-side device that allows you to order drinks and pay the bill.  Oh, and it has games on it, which is probably what Amelia likes about it. 🙂