Amelia loves Chili’s.  I’m not sure if that love started because she enjoys the food (chips and salsa for an appetizer and children’s grilled chicken platter with corn for an entree), or because it is one of our go-to spots when we meet friends with a daughter two years older than Amelia.  Either way, she now has many positive associations with the restaurant, made all the more positive with the addition of the Ziosk, a table-side device that allows you to order drinks and pay the bill.  Oh, and it has games on it, which is probably what Amelia likes about it. 🙂


Movie Review: Strange Magic (2015)

Strange Magic boasts an all-star cast, stunning visuals, and plenty of fun music.  At least, that is what Amelia’s grandparents told me when they dropped her off after whisking her away for a fun-filled day.  The grandparents suggested that we take Amelia to see the movie a second time, and Amelia happily chimed in that it would be “ok” with her.  For now, though, I leave you with Amelia’s thoughts on the film!