Five Guys® Burger and Fries

Five Guys®  Burger and Fries has five big draws for Amelia.  1.  Self-serve peanuts.  She loves them. She loves getting them herself, and she loves peeling them open.  2.  Self-serve drink machine.  I used to share a drink with her, but the drink concoctions she creates became so “interesting,” I had to bow out.  But, she drinks every last drop, telling me that it’s the most delicious thing that has ever quenched her thirst! 3.  The burgers.  She loves them.  She will eat an entire burger here, leaving her dad missing the usual scraps.  4.  The fries.  The fries drenched in vinegar.  If you’ve eaten at Five Guys, no more needs to be said here.  5.  The extra fries.  Not only do you get a big serving of fries, but after they put your cup of fries in the bag, they put an extra scoop on top, just for good measure.  No complaints here!


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